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About Menshair.org

About MensHair.org

If you too are into men's head hair, whether you are gay or straight, please read on for more information on Men's Hair.

I know Men's Hair will assist you with your favorite subject, men's head hair. After I received my first Master's degree I started thinking about my favorite subject and the lack of information, photographs, articles and the like. I knew I couldn't be the only person in this country or for that matter, the world, who likes other men's head hair and to be your voice for videos and publications to include scenes involving men's head hair. That is why I started Men's Hair (MensHair.org). A club into exchanging experiences, photos, hair, names of videos, books, magazines, and other items on men's head hair. It is so good to see that other guys do the same thing I do, look first at hair, then the rest of the body.

All the members have one thing in common, interest in another man's head hair. The color, style, type, and length, all play a part of what we like about another man's hair. In other words, I am into guys with brown or blond, straight, medium to long hair, while another member may be into black haired men with crew cuts. Most of the guys are into playing with the other guys hair. We have members who participate both actively and passively. Active participation is stroking, combing, cutting, smelling, tasting, grabbing, yanking, pulling, et cetera another guy's hair. Passive participation is getting it done. If this type of activity is what you are into, this club may be the answer to your hair fantasies.

The club membership is designed to allow members to express their head hair desires. These desires will be put into the membership listing and updated periodically and is available only to members in the Member's Only area. You will find the membership questionnaire for you to fill out at the end of this paragraph. This way, if you desire, I will distribute your first name, address, likes, et cetera to other members (almost one thousand guys from all over the world). Just fill it out, rate your preferences from 1 being best or most liked item. Click here to join the club and fill out the membership form.

A member wrote me and suggested viewing Heart Throbs (1990). He said there are three scenes in the movie which stand out. The window washing scene, the "twins," and the scene following the twins. I found each to have their own flavor or attention to hair. While I was at the video store, I found another one, J. Brian's First Time Round (1972), the first two vignettes and the last one are instant hard ons. The second vignette is of a black plumber who fixes a guys leaky faucet. The guy who is having the faucet fixed has great healthy medium length, brown hair, with blond streaks running through it, as do most of the guys in this film. The plumber runs his fingers through the other guy's hair. NOTE: The two above videos are in the members only area and will not be available to be viewed until you are a member.

If you are not yet a member and considering becoming a member, from the menu above, click VIDEOS > MAINSTREAM, search for The Deep End (1971) or any movie and read its review as an example. Below is the clip of a scene from The Deep End, which occasionally airs on TCM. Note: The TCM airing of The Deep End is only available in the US.

The Deep End (1971)
The Deep End (1971)
You may be asking why am I mentioning the information above. Good question. That's how the club migrated from a newsletter to an online experience. It was the sharing of information, opening our little club of periodic newsletters, to what it is today. So, if you see a movie, TV show, something online that involves Men's HEAD hair, send an email by clicking the link at the bottom left of each page, making sure to use HAIR or SHAIR (as in sharing) in the subject line. In the body of the email, list the title, followed by specific scenes with the time into the movie the hair scene is found.

One member, Greg, posted a few videos on YouTube of his beautiful straight shoulder length hair.  This typifies what members like to view, albeit a very short version is below as an example of what members like.

Like Greg and other members, should you have any photographs or videos you would like to post on MensHair.org, send the image or link to me. If you do show a recognizable face the face on any photograph, it will be obscured.  I do not post photographs which are already copyrighted or published elsewhere.

Your fellow hair fetishist,

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