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A club for men who are into other men’s head hair


Last updated on Monday, 04-Jul-2022


18 Men's Styles  

Spiral edition showing 18 men's hair styles (78 pages). Milady Pub Corp; ISBN: 1562531778  Updated: 03-FEB-2000

Advanced Textbook for Barbering & Men's Hairstyling  

By the Textbook Committee of Barbering, ASIN: 0873501012.  Updated: 15-MAY-2019

American Barbershop: A Closer Look at a Disappearing Place   ★★★★★

By Mic Hunter (1996) from Marvy Barber Supply; ISBN: 1883953146. A portrait of barbers, the chairs, red & white striped poles, the ways of the shop and its returning customers. Contains over one hundred black and white photos.  Updated: 15-MAY-2019

American Crew Collection, Volume 1   ★★★★

Contains many men's hair styles from professional to casual to very short and unusual styles. There are some great styles in it. It costs only $35 and comes with a 12 minute video which you should watch in slow motion to get the full effect. The book and tape are sold through distributors throughout the US.  Updated: 04-JUL-2022

Army Officer's Guide (45th edition)  

The following quote is from the Army Officer's Guide, 45th Edition by LTC Lawrence P. Crocker, U.S. Army (Ret.) (Stackpole Books 1.800-READ-NOW, Harrisburg, PA), Soft cover ISBN 0.8117.2313.5, $17.95, 607 pps., 1990.

'HAIR. There are many acceptable hair styles, so long as they are not extreme or faddish. If dyes, tints, or bleaches are used, the resulting color must look like natural human hair.

Males. The hair on the top of the head must be neatly groomed. The length and bulk of the hair will be such that it does not present a ragged, unkempt, or extreme appearance. The hair should present a tapered appearance when combed and not fall over the ears or eyebrows or touch the collar except for the closely cut hair at the back of the neck. In all cases, the bulk or length must not interfere with normal wear of headgear or protective masks.

Sideburns must be neatly trimmed. The base will not be flared, nor will it extend below the lowest part of the exterior ear opening. The bottom will be a clean-shaven horizontal line.

The face is to be clean-shaven except that a mustache is permitted, provided it is kept neatly trimmed, tapered, and tidy. No portion of the mustache may cover the upper lip or extend sideways beyond the corners of the mouth, nor will it present a chopped-off appearance. Handlebar mustache's, goatees, and beards are expressly forbidden.

The wearing of a wig or hairpiece is forbidden except to cover natural baldness or physical disfiguration caused by an accident or medical procedure. When worn it will conform to haircut criteria state above. As an exception to this policy, Army National Guard (ARNG) and U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) personnel may wear a wig or hairpiece conforming to the haircut criteria during the unit training assemblies or when serving on active duty for training or full-time training duty for periods of thirty days or less. When ordered to active duty for period greater than thirty days, ARNG and USAR personnel fall under the same rules as other active duty personnel.'   Updated: 15-MAY-2019

Art and Science of Barbering, The   

by L. Sherman Trusty, M.A. 1st published in 1956. This is a standard 1960's era Barbering textbook. Some good pictures which include some hair cutting shots as well as scalp massaging and more.  Updated: 17-MAY-2019

At the Barber (Field Trips)  

By Elizabeth Sirimarco, David M. Budd (Photographer) from Childs World; ISBN: 1567665713. A children's book containing photographs.  Updated: 15-MAY-2019

Barber's Cutting Edge, The  

A children's book about a black barber by Gwendolyn Battle-Lavert, Raymond Holbert (Illustrator). ISBN: 0892391278  Updated: 15-MAY-2019

Barbershop: History and Antiques   ★★★★

By Christian R. Jones from Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.; ISBN: 0764306952. A great antique picture book containing barbershop antiques and collectibles (chairs, poles, clippers, razors). Almost 1,000 barbershop items with over 600 color photographs.  Updated: 15-MAY-2019


Author: Tally Abecassis, Photographer: Claudine Sauve, from Black Dog Publishing. Once a hub of local news and activity, sacred to men and closed to women, the barbershop is slowly disappearing. If walls could talk, they would tell of little boys first visits with their fathers, of potions and lotions applied to men's beards and self-esteem, of great arguments held, of friendships made, broken, and made again.

Barbershops captures the spirit of these moments in a unique book that unites photos and interviews to bring the reader a slice of barbershop life. It features characters like Menick the sports barber, whose salon floor is a painted replica of a hockey rink and who hosted a TV series from his chair; Jimmy, whose collection of taxidermy is a bizarre testament to his love of hunting; Pierre, the poet barber who sings opera and dreams of Greece; Poquito, whose shop is so busy that he sometimes stays overnight, sleeping in his barber-chair; and Mike, the bowling barber whose trophies line the walls of his shop.

  Updated: 31-JUL-2015

Blonds: Golden Hunks From Coast to Coast (1984)  

by Barbara Sloan-White and Charles Rue Woods. Conquest Enterprises and Barbara Sloan-White, publ by Simon & Shuster, Inc. ISBN: 0.671.50881.4

Forty or so young men, of varying degrees of blondness, are featured in this glossy, magazine-sized picture book. A thumbnail sketch of each man tends of be of the 'puff piece' variety but the photographs (all in color) provide ample amounts of 'eye candy.' Of the men, only Hans Lundgren -- now known as Dolph Lundgren -- achieved any fame but a few of the others are worth noting, such as the oh-so-handsome Duke Lyskin and the Speedo-filling Peter Cook. Review written for by Alvin Easter (Minneapolis, Minnesota)  Updated: 15-MAY-2019

Body & Soul: The Black Male Book  

by Duane Thomas, published by Universe Publishing, Rizzoli International Publications, 300 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010 Phone: 212.387.3400 ISBN: 0.7893.0129.6. Lanier Long, a makeup artist, says 'Hair has always been an important ingredient in black men's style. We've always been expressive with it.' This book IS expressive with the black men's hair style and a must if you are into blacks and their hair.  Updated: 28-JAN-1999

Calvin and Hobbes 10th Anniversary Book  

By Bill Watterson. Pages 46 through 50 are a lively haircut sequence in which Calvin gets his hair cut short -- too short it turns out! It's 40 wonderfully fun and exciting b/w panels long, and cartoonist Bill Watterson's introductory note says: 'I rarely laugh when I'm drawing, but I did when I drew the results of Calvin's haircut. . . . Would that I could write like this more often.' (This book is published by Andrews and McMeel, with the number ISBN 0-8362-0438-7, for $14.95 in large-format paperback with excellent production values.)  Updated: 02-AUG-1998

Closer Shave, A  

By Wallace Pinfold. Focuses mainly on facial shaving. It contains over 200 photographs, many shots of the head as well. ISBN 1.57965.1364 Publisher: Artisan Phone: 800.722.7202 About $17 (due by Summer 1999)  Updated: 26-JAN-1999

Do Bald Men Get Half-Price Haircuts   ★★★

By Vince Staten who visited more than three hundred barbershops, most in small towns. The full title of the book is Do Bald Men Get Half-Price Haircuts: In Search of America's Great Barbershops. It is a hilarious account of American manhood involving barbershops and answers many of the questions you may have about barbershops and their history. One question asked is 'Why are the stripes on the barber pole red and white?' Read the book to find the answer.  Updated: 04-JUL-2001

For Men Only: Styling and Techniques   ★★★★★

by Louise Cotter from Milady Pub Corp; ISBN: 1562532030. An outstanding resource offers an artistic and practical approach to salon services for the male client, including cutting techniques, hair color for both light and dark hair types, permanent waving, special effects, and the latest in hair replacement techniques. Hundreds of color photographs, featuring haircutting, hair coloring, perming and specialty techiques for mens hair. Soft cover, 160 Pages.  Updated: 31-MAR-2007

Freshmen 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition (2000)   ★★★★★

Freshmen celebrates 10 years with 120 pages of the hottest & sexiest Freshmen models from the past ten years! Many, if not most, of the excellent color photographs, by 61 contributing photographers, clearly show up-close the various and vital head hair of the chosen models -- down to details of texture, comb marks, hair parts and head shape. These firm young men, who know how to develop and care for their handsome bodies and endowments, obviously take pride in their attention-getting heads of hair as well. Their hair fully shown off is a very exciting feature of their male attraction, and they know it!

Riveted hair-fetishers viewing these pages will find hair of all shades, from coal black, warm brown, tan, sun-blond, natural blond -- to chestnut and red. My personal favorite is John Roberts (p. 99, June 1998), a red-haired preppy puppy with even redder hair down below his freckled torso in a bush above his erect tipping point. Hair length varies from crew-cut to teasing over-the-forehead tousled forelocks. Some guys have groomed their hair with ocean spray, light oil, mousse, hair tonic, gym fountain water, or just finger-raked their clean hair back, or let the wind have its way with the way it parts and flows.

Though this is a collector's issue of keen bodies and handsome faces, it also shows off well the fascinating variety of men's head hair, their softest, most individualizing feature -- and the one thing that many of us search out and look at first. And, the models' names are legion, famous and acclaimed -- you have to take a look for yourself. For starters, why resist the healthy temptation to get wallpaper/screensavers easily available by download at

Reviewed by Men's Hair member ShortSuave  Updated: 16-APR-2019

Greg Gorman: Just Between Us   ★★★

Contains numerous photographs of men with longer hair falling in their face.  Updated: 06-MAY-2002

Groom (1992)   ★★★★★

All the men's styles were created by David Raccuglia and with Mark Havriliak behind the lens. Two great hair fetishers if you ask me. The angles used by Mark are unbelievable, close-up shots of the front, sides , and backs of guys heads. Styles ranging from crew cuts to shoulder length hair have been covered in this delightful book. Groom is 9.5 X 13, in black and white and no longer available.  Updated: 07-NOV-1998

Hair For Life  

Written by Michael A. Fiorillo, M.D., a board certified Plastic Surgeon. Before you spend your hard-earned money on some bogus treatment, become an educated consumer. A comprehensive guide to hair. This book is an easy to read book about hair, including how normal hair grows, hair loss, proper hair care, medical and surgical treatments for hair loss, and even hair removal. This book serves as an unbiased informational guide so the reader can make his or her own decisions regarding their hair or lack thereof.  Updated: 16-SEP-2001

Hair: Sex, Society, Symbolism (1971)  

By Wendy Cooper, Stein and Day, New York. Classic book on hair that will grow on you! Lots of interesting facts like the rate of growth of a man's beard has to do with his sexual activity. Explores questions like... Are hairy men more virile? Do gentlemen prefer blondes? Do blondes have more fun? How long does hair grow and how long does it live? Why did the ancient Greeks sacrifice hair to the gods? Includes seventy-two color plates and 171 black-and-white plates - illustrates this readable, knowledgeable, and eminently enjoyable jaunt through man's and women's close association with hair.  Updated: 15-MAY-2019

Haircults: 50 Years of Styles & Cuts (1990)  

By Dylan Jones, Thames and Hudson, NY. Here is the only published history of the style wars of hair...a flamboyant look at trends in tresses, from London's Soho to New York's Soho, form the beehive to the bob, the ponytail to punk... Haircuts and styles since the 1940s...male and female, American and European...have surpassed those of any previous period in their capacity to carry a message from their bearer to the rest of the world. This book is a history and a celebration of the haircut and its attendant cults. Haircult documents a time when cut and style have become accessories with iconic status. Author Dylan Jones's incisive comments accompanied by illustrations from the worlds of film, music and street life, reveal a kaleidoscope of style and counter-style.  Updated: 15-MAY-2019

Haircuts at Sleepy Sam's  

by Michael R. Strickland, Keaf Holliday (Illustrator), Boyds Mills Pr; ISBN: 1563975629. A children's story about a black barber.  Updated: 03-FEB-2000

Haircutting at Home  

By John Albano. Small but good instructions on many cuts. Published by Berkley Publishing Group.  Updated: 30-NOV--0001

Haircutting School - Instruction Book  

By Lynn Symonds, ISBN: 0967234700. A do-it-yourself guide to cutting hair. Contains illustrations and no photographs on how to cut hair.  Updated: 03-FEB-2000

Heartthrob - 100 Years of Beautiful Men  

By Donald F. Reuter, published by Universe, phone: 800.488.5233. From the creative director of the bestselling Making Faces and The Art of Makeup, with leading fashion voices. Takes a look at past and present definitions of male beauty -- and brings readers face to face with the most beautiful men of our time. $29.00 - 160 illustrations, most in color.  Updated: 02-AUG-1998

History of Hair, The: An Illustrated Review of Hair Fashions for Men Throughout the Ages (1970)   ★★★

Published by Bonanza Books. By Charles, Ann and Roger DeAnfrasio. Contains numerous men's hair photographs from primiteve times to the twentieth Century. Good reference book.  Updated: 17-MAY-2019

Images in the Dark: An Encyclopedia of Gay & Lesbian Video   ★★★★

By Raymond Murray. The updated edition of the definitive, critically acclaimed encyclopedia of gays and lesbians in the movies with over 400 new films and over 450 photos. A necessary addition to your library! (624 pg.)  Updated: 15-AUG-2016

It Grows on You (1989)  

By Roy Blount, Jr. Softcover 158 Pages $12.95 A dolphin Doubleday Book ISBN: 0.385.23034.6 A humorous book that looks at many aspects of hair which contains hundreds of photographs.  Updated: 17-MAY-2019

Long and Short of It, The (1971)  

By Bill Severn, David McKay Co., New York.  Updated: 17-MAY-2019

Men Defined   ★★★

Nudes, Photographed by Vera Friederich (1998). Produced by Edition Stemmle out of Zurich, Switzerland. ISBN 3-908161-44-4. Great black and white photography book of nude men, however, there are a couple of great shots of men's hair, pages 94, 95, 110, 111, 116, and 117 are great.  Updated: 27-NOV-1998

Men: Learn to Cut Your Own Hair  

By Joseph R. Gazala  Updated: 17-MAY-2019

Men's Hair (1985)   ★★★

By George Roberson, published by Rawson Associates 1985. Contains numerous men's hair photographs mainly from the late 70's and early to mid.80's. Good reference book. ISBN 0.89256.275.7. This is available at used bookstores.  Updated: 17-MAY-2019

Men's Hair Book  

The full title of the book is: The Men's Hair Book: A Male's Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney by Rogelio Samson.

The Men's Hair Book: A Male's Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney is based on Rogelio's 'hair-management equation': a pioneering system that optimizes the profiling, grooming, styling and caring of your hair so as to yield the overall solution of great-looking, convenient hair. The hair-management equation covers and optimizes everything that has to do with having hair that you can finally be happy with, and this system serves as the backbone of The Men's Hair Book and Rogelio's goal of spreading the word so as to have men worldwide carrying their hair with pride and in a self-actualizing manner. What's more is that The Men's Hair Book is related to the real world through barbershop case studies in every chapter so that you are able to relate your newly-acquired knowledge to the practical side of male hair care.

This is what you will find in the 240+ pages of The Men's Hair Book:

- A hair-profiling system that puts your hair into a type and length category and that also measures how much your hair may curl, altogether creating your particular hair ID.
- The Norwood male-balding classification explained in detail so that you can identify any current or future hair loss you may suffer.
- Rogelio's popular hair-grooming method, including his No Shampoo method and his Sebum Coating method.
- All about cleaning your hair, from how to use shampoo to cleaning your hair without shampoo and via natural alternatives.
- All about conditioners and how to make the most of the sebum you secrete (yes, your hair follicles secrete sebum!).
- A full analysis of all hair products and how to select the appropriate ones according to your unique hair ID.
- An in-depth coverage of how to style your hair, including the relevant hairstyles that suit your hair ID.
- The correct methods to optimally using hair dryers and hair straighteners as a male without frying your hair.
- Guidelines for growing your hair long and working out how long your hair will take to reach certain lengths and hairstyles.
- A guide on how to shop for the correct barber or hairdresser.
- A plan of action that has you seeing the optimizing of your hair as a journey that follows an optimal and efficient order and that is made up of a set of steps and actions to be implemented.
- A big list of busted myths that will not only be extremely helpful for your hair-optimizing efforts but will also be great for bar talk!
- The last chapter contains 36 miscellaneous questions that Rogelio has answered in depth so as to bulletproof your journey.
- An appendix section with 29 visual references used throughout the book.
- Every chapter is neatly summarized at the end with a “Conclusion” section to ensure that you have picked all the important knowledge taught in the chapter.
- Each chapter is ended with a real-life case study that has occurred in a professional barbershop and that is related to the lesson learnt in the given chapter.

The Men's Hair Book is of great use and benefit for:

- Men who want to finally master their hair and stop wasting time with Mickey-Mouse stuff.
- Men who want to stop wasting money on their hair and want their hair to become economically viable.
- Men desiring to spice up their image and improve their self-esteem.
- Men with sons who need help managing and embracing their hair. The same applies for any other male family members who need a solution for their hair.

  Updated: 26-AUG-2014

Men's Hair, the Long and Short of It  

By James. Laforte, ASIN: 0809274817  Updated: 17-MAY-2019

Milady's Standard Textbook of Professional Barber-Styling   ★★★★★

By Maura T. Scali-Snipes from Milady Pub Corp; ISBN: 1562533665. Contains the latest in men's haircutting and styling, along with the most current information on barbering tools and implements.  Updated: 03-FEB-2000

Milady's Technical Guide: Men's, Women's & Children's Cuts   ★★★

By Kenneth Young from Delmar Pub; ISBN: 1562531034. A technical guide more geared towards the professional haircutter. Contains illustrations and photographs.  Updated: 03-FEB-2000

New American Haircuts   ★★★★★

From Astor Place with lots of cuts. This may be out of print. ISBN: 0.345.32397.1  Updated: 17-MAY-2019


Photographs by Uwe Ditz from Edition Stemmle / Zurich - March 2000, ISBN 3.908163.17-X. Phone orders: 1.800-Artbook With this book, the photographer Uwe Ditz realizes a lifelong dream of presenting a diverse collection of people with red hair. Painstaking care and attention to detail guided his approach. He photographed his models, redheads of both sexes, all ages, hair lengths, and origins, completely in white against a white background, thus eliminating all distractions that could possibly divert attention away from skin and hair in these brilliantly sharp photos. Using a large-format studio camera, the artist has created images of breathtaking, penetrating intensity.

His subjects are as diverse as life itself; they appear in relaxed, carefree attitudes, showing their private sides, usually with a generous dash of humor. Many of them have provided personal statements about the somewhat different lives they lead. Never before has the distinctiveness and the appeal of redheads been presented with such warmpth, wit and skill as in these compelling large-format portraits. It is a wonderful book, a source of enjoyment for all -- and, of course, an ideal gift for redheaded friends.  Updated: 31-MAR-2007

Salonovations' Children's Styles (1996)   ★★★★

By Beverly Getschel, Louise Cotter from Milady Pub Corp; ISBN: 156253310X. Instruction book on cutting both boy and girl's hair. Contains numberous photographs of the head-front, sides and back.  Updated: 03-FEB-2000

Shorn: Toys to Men   ★★★★★

Here's the Video teaser for the book:

For the first time in history, a ground breaking book Shorn: Toys to Men written by Dennis Milam Bensie, addresses the cutting of men's hair fetish. Not only does Shorn delve into Dennis' insatiable desire to cut men's hair, he also addresses the psychological impact the fetish had on him and others. Dennis rightfully proclaims, 'One man cutting another man's hair is one of the few times two adult men can touch and it is socially acceptable.'

Shorn reads as if Dennis is telling the reader a story they haven't heard before, thus making it for interesting reading especially where he discusses his inner most feelings and secrets about men's hair. It is a very moving portrayal taking us from his childhood and focusing on the little nuances that caused his insatiable irresistible desire to cut hair, starting with handmade string haired dolls, to Barbie doll heads, then to men, thus the title Shorn: Toys to Men.

Many gay men can identify with the anguish young Dennis goes through during the school years of being humiliated, bullied, being called sissy, unable to throw a ball or walk like a man. Shorn is Dennis' journey into self-discovery and the discovery that he is not alone and there are others out there who, like Dennis are, ' . . . extremely turned on by any man who had a beautiful head of hair. Men with little or no hair were of no sexual interest.' Dennis goes on to say, 'If I saw a guy comb his hair, I was in heaven.' Who didn't when they see a beautiful head of hair? However, this is the first time we are reading about it.

Most men's hair fetishists identify with Dennis' statement, 'I was setting up a pattern of selecting my sex partners based on how attractive I was to their hair . . . however, it was doubtful that I'd still find a guy attractive if he was bald, and I would be too embarrassed to date a guy whose head I had shaved.' It is statements like this that make Shorn: Toys to Men a phenomenal novel. Dennis goes on to say, 'I had become accustomed to fantasizing about cutting guy's hair while I masturbated. It seemed likely that I would become sexually aroused while cutting a guy's hair,' a fantasy many can identify with. Later in the novel, Dennis does just what he fantasized about. At one point, Dennis reiterates hair first then the rest of the body. When he had sex with a mustached guy, he writes, 'I was like a wild animal playing with his mustache . . . it was almost like his penis didn't count.' Again, reiterating hair first, body second.

Where some would fantasize about shearing another guy, Dennis actually does it. At one point, Dennis was asked by a hustler, 'Why do you want to cut my hair?' Dennis replies, 'I get sexually excited cutting men's hair. I would get very turned on if I could buzz your head while we have sex.' Later, his haircutting fixation turns to where Dennis is the one humiliating his pray by cutting their hair, a turnaround from his childhood days when he was the one being humiliated. 'There was absolutely nothing I could do to get rid of my haircutting impulse.' As an added bonus, Shorn includes numerous before and after photographs of the cuts, generally of past shoulder length hair being shorn completely.

Reading about Dennis' adventures became almost an obsession with wanting to discover what he would do next. This lead to a fast captivating read, finding myself not wanting to put this magnificent book down because of the momentum and wanting to know what happens next. Many of the things Dennis brings to light in Shorn, a hair fetishist can truly identify with, and has probably gone through some of the same anguish, gratification, trials and tribulations that Shorn exposes.

It is little wonder on how fantastic a book Shorn: Toys to Men is and that it is on its way of becoming a classic novel, as is already a stage play called The Cut, which premiered on January 14, 2011, at Seattle's Open Circle Theater in Belltown. It wouldn't surprise me to see Shorn turned into a movie as it contains many of the elements of the hero's journey which would make it a blockbuster.   Reviewed by:  Updated: 09-APR-2022

State Exam Review for Professional Barber-Styling  

From Milady Pub Corp; ISBN: 1562531441. Unfortunately, not even the state is known for this book. It is a review book for the state exam.  Updated: 17-MAY-2019

Uncle Jed's Barbershop  

By Margaree King Mitchell, James Ransome (Illustrator) from Simon & Schuster (Juv); ISBN: 0671769693. A children's book set in the 1920s and told from young girls point of view, about dreams and determination of Uncle Jed, the only black barber in the county, walks to his friends and relatives to give haircuts with hopes of one day owning a barbershop.  Updated: 03-FEB-2000

Vanishing American Barbershop   ★★★

This is a great book for anyone interested in barbershops. Included are many photos, reprints of barber supply house catalogs, and actual stories from barbers in the business. It is by Ronald S. Barlow 9 X 12 paperback and contains 224 pages, inventory number: ISBN 933846045..  Updated: 17-MAY-2019

Weekend Warriors: A Thing about His Hair   ★★★★★

On line book. Written by one of our own members Larry in VA. This story deals with hair (hence the title). However, it deals with adolescents, has a scene with some fingers through one of the adolescent's hair by an adult, and a detailed description of a wet dream.  Updated: 13-MAR-2020

Woodface by Crowded House (1991)  

This item is included here since it really doesn't fit anywhere else. It is an audio cassette/CD which contains popular songs like 'It's Only Natural', 'Fall at Your Feet,' and 'There Goes God'. The four artists, Paul Hestor, Nick Seymour, Neil Finn and Tim Finn (Gary Stamler Management, Los Angeles) are shown in a 3-7/8' x 5' color PHOTO encasing the cover that is unforgettable and pretty arousing. The four fresh-faced hunks are buried in sand at the four compass points, with their dark, medium-length haircuts touching and blending together in the center (photographed from above looking down at the four). The touching closeness, male head hair handsomeness, and joy -- make it a specially spiritual and exciting.  Updated: 15-MAY-2019®
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