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Finally, we do not send out any mailings. Only once since its inception, was an eMail sent to all members and that was to notify them that our URL changed to

USA: California - Anytown


My Type: Straight

My Length: Short

My Color: Blond

Type: 1-Straight

Length: 1-Medium 2-Long 3-Past Shoulder 4-Short

Color: 1-Blond 2-Brown 3-Black

Scenes: 1-Watch hair being cut 1-Cut other guys hair

Like to: 1-Smell 2-Taste/Suck 3-Grab/Pull/Yank 4-Eat 5-Cut 6-Comb 7-Run fingers through 8-Shampoo hair

Preference: Both Active & Passive

Collect Hair : Yes

Share Hair Collection: Yes

Comments: I just love men's hair. Remember to put the word HAIR in the subject line if you want to communicate.

Last Updated: 13-FEB-2019

Last Logged On: 24-APR-2020

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