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Hair Products -
A club for men who are into other men’s head hair

Hair Products

Last updated on Thursday, 17-Aug-2023


This category is for products for men's hair which members recommend. If you have a recommendation, please E-Mail by clicking the email link at the bottom of this page, letting us know the name of the product, the manufacturer, what it is used for, how it is best used, the smell if any, taste, and most of all how does it affect the hair.  Updated: 30-NOV--0001

Alberto VO5 - Conditioning Hairdressing   ★★★

A little will tame your hair with a shine, a lot will make it look greasy. Use the whole tube and you won't have any stray hairs sticking out. It washes out easily and a significant amount left in your hair and then washed out, will leave your hair soft and easy to comb because of the conditioners.  Updated: 30-JUN-2022

Alberto VO5 Hairdressing Gel for Men Extra Hold  

Keeps hair in control for complete manageability without stiffness or greasiness.  Updated: 17-DEC-2016

American Crew  

Distributes a line of hair grooming products for men.  Updated: 06-JUN-2021

American Crew Pomade  

It is great, put it on dry hair for separation and texture. Best is using it on wet hair. Great for that greaser look I love. Hair stays in place but is pliable, combable, and doesn't break up or get hard like a lot of other products. Has a very light smell. Good stuff. Comes in a jar.  Updated: 17-DEC-2016

Aussie Mega Styling Gel Firm Hold  

This light oil is designed to reduce 'frizzies,' but used in larger quantities it will do a great job greasing up a nice long pompadour or DA. It will even hold up a longish flattop. It is light, though, and it shampoos out very easily.   Updated: 17-DEC-2016

Aveda Self Control Hair Styling Stick   ★★★

It's in the same container as a deodorant stick. you rub some on you hand, rub your hands together and rub it into wet or dry hair. Gives it a great shine, isn't sticky at all.  Updated: 17-DEC-2016

Avenue Man    ★★★★★

Available on Sales men's hair and personal products. Associated with Hairstyling for Men with Avenue Man on YouTube.  Updated: 31-AUG-2020

Avenue Man Extreme Hold Hair Spray For Men   ★★★★★

Avenue Man Hair Products. For all hair types CONTROL: Maintain your hairstyle, volume and shape, without worrying about wind, humidity, or bad weather. MAXIMUM HOLD: Our strongest hold hair styling product. Secures your existing style through your busy day keeping each strand perfectly in place. Strong hold, and dries fast. CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Infused with powerful, certified organic extracts including lemon peel and mallow flower for conditioning, and a cascade of peptides and natural plant proteins to reinforce structure and improve hair strength, an added benefit for dry, thinning, or damaged hair. MADE IN THE USA: Formulated, packaged, and shipped from California. Developed under California's strict manufacturing guidelines. PARABEN-FREE. ON THE GO: Modern design in packaging that's easy to store and easy to transport, allowing you to bring your hair spray wherever you go. Never worry about bad hair again.  Updated: 29-JAN-2023

Brylcreem   ★★★★★

The good old favorite of many men. 'Just a dab will do ya!' is not far from the truth. Just use a little. If you really want the greaser look, then use a lot. It does have its own unique smell and taste.  Updated: 17-DEC-2016

Brylcreem - Power Gel For Men  

Brought to us by J.R. Williams Company. Absolutely nothing like the original hair cream. Its a thick, clear gel that comes in a tube. Completely fragrance free. Holds your hair better than most other gels. A little controls your hair, a lot gives that wet, slicked down look. It washes out easily with water.  Updated: 17-DEC-2016

Brylcreem Original Hairdressing 150ml and 250ml tubs   ★★★★★

I first encountered it in the Netherlands the summer of 2007. It's the same stuff we get here in the United States in the tube but it is in a tub/jar which makes it a lot more handier than using the tube. It's great in many ways, if you get my drift.   Reviewed by:  Updated: 06-JUL-2022

Cache Beauty  

Cache Beauty supplies have anything you need including chairs, discount hair dryers, discount hair clippers, discount hair rollers, etc.  Updated: 06-JUL-2022

ClipperGuy Classic Wax   ★★★★★

By Ivan Zoot Clipper. Found this classic wax product that leaves a Light shine. Never dries crisper. Perfect for short classic clipper cuts styles. Ideal for flattop cutting and flattop daily styling.  Lathers out clean in just one shampooing. Reviewed by  Updated: 22-NOV-2022


Hair groom - an American wax hair product. The smell better than soft sheen, and it holds flat tops great.  Updated: 17-DEC-2016

Dixie Peach Pomade   ★★★★★

Made by Dixie Peach, 7.5 oz, 212 g, about $2.50 Ingredients: Petrolatum, lanolin. A little controls your crew cut or flat top well. It will give your short haircut that 'just from the barbershop' look. It is the consistency of a soft wax and you need to roll it in your hands to get it to soften, before applying it to your hair. Warning: It will slick down anyone's hair.

One member put the whole jar of pomade in a bowl of warm water to soften it up. After a few minutes it was the consistence of a gel, and rubbed the entire jar of pomade into his hair and scalp. He stated, 'You would not believe how plastered down my hair was! Not a single hair out of place. But after it dried, it left what amounted to a candle on my head. This is the perfect product for a crew, brush or flattop if you want to keep your hair in place.'  Updated: 06-JUL-2022

Enjoy Conditioning Spray   ★★★★★

Excellent for using after drying hair and before brushing or combing your hair. It will provide just enough conditioning not to weigh down your hair or give it that greasy look.  Updated: 09-JAN-2012

Freeman Papaya and Lime Shine Conditioner   ★★★

Has a papaya smell upon application. Use after shampooing. Rinse most of it out leaving some of it in your hair, but it is best if you brush it out after it dries. Otherwise it will leave the hair tacky. It has a funny taste and a slight pleasant smell after it dries.  Updated: 06-JUL-2022

Gabel's Crew Cut  

A flattop wax is great for flattops, crewcuts, and butches.  Updated: 17-DEC-2016

Grease Shop   ★★★★★

A shop that carries the greasy kid's stuff we all like. Has a vast selection of men's hair products.  Updated: 06-JUN-2021

Groom & Clean   ★★★★★

Greaseless Cream hairdressing. Made by Chesebrough Ponds Partial ingrediants: Mineral Oil and Glycerin. Use a little and it will hold your hair in place well, use a lot and it will hold your hair in place with a lot of shine. Use the entire tube if you are going to a 50's party and you want to REALLY plaster your hair down. It has a nice smell and taste only a true hair fetisher would enjoy. The best thing about this product is that it is greaseless and watersoluable (it washes out completly with mainly water, a little shampoo helps) - leaving no residue in the hair, unlike Brylcream or Wildroot that contain beeswax. It claims to be greaseless but you could fool many a greaser out there. Use sparingly to manage hair.  Updated: 17-DEC-2016

Head to Tail Shampoo & Body Wash   ★★★★★

Made by Lucky Tiger LLC. 7025 W. Marcia Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53223 Phone: 1.800.222.8160 Specially formulated to clean and hydrate your body from your toes to the top of your head. Its balanced blend of peppermint oil and rosemary extract packs this shampoo and body wash full of natural botanicals. Think of this as a double shot of espresso for your head and body. Oh yeah...  Updated: 14-NOV-2022

Jeris Liquid Hair Tonic   ★★★

Very similar in smell and feel to Vitalis and Lucky Tiger Hair Tonics. Available in most beauty and barber supply stores. Its a nice green color and is another alcohol & glycerin product. It has a sweeter smell and holds hair in place a little better than the other two mentioned.  Updated: 06-JUL-2022

Just for Men  

Good home men's hair coloring product comes in almost any color from blond to black. Red is about the only color that is not offered.  Updated: 06-JUL-2022

Krew Comb   ★★

It's a great, pink colored wax for brush cuts, flattops and crew-cuts. Krew Comb works great for because it saves time in the mornings, and you can still sport a cool do without looking like a total grease-ball, and still have that great 'greasy' feel that you can only get from petroleum products. Washes out fairly easily too. It comes in either a stick or a jar.   Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic   ★★★★★

Made by Lucky Tiger LLC. 7025 W. Marcia Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53223 Phone: 1.800.222.8160 This is a hard to find hair tonic that claims to groom the hair, stimulate the scalp and condition the hair. Made with fine oils to nourish your hair it’s a great start to keeping your hair how and where you want it. It smells, feels and acts the same way as Vitalis. Its even the same color as Vitalis.  Updated: 14-NOV-2022

Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch & Control Wax Jar   ★★★★★

Made by Lucky Tiger LLC. 7025 W. Marcia Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53223 Phone: 1.800.222.8160 Buzz cut, high and tight or rockabilly pomp, this hair control wax will keep you looking cool and in control. Our wax is soft enough to gently work into your hair while keeping your favorite hairstyle stiff and standing tall. Your hair will remain applicable without drying that do out. Rock on my friend, rock on.  Updated: 14-NOV-2022

Lucky Tiger Head to Tail Shampoo & Body Wash   ★★★★★

Made by Lucky Tiger LLC. 7025 W. Marcia Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53223 Phone: 1.800.222.8160 Buzz cut, high and tight or rockabilly pomp, this hair control wax will keep you looking cool and in control. Our wax is soft enough to gently work into your hair while keeping your favorite hairstyle stiff and standing tall. Your hair will remain applicable without drying that do out. Rock on my friend, rock on.  Updated: 14-NOV-2022

Master Well Comb - Hair Dressing with Conditioner  

A white hair cream whose main ingredients are mineral oil and lanolin. Looks and smells like Keri hand lotion. Washes out easily with a little shampoo and water. Great for dry hair and scalp. 8 oz. for about $4 Made by Master Well Comb Co., Inc. 543 South Vermont Avenue; Palatine, IL 60067 Phone: 800 343-4989 Available at most beauty/barber supply shops  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade  

One can will last 6 months at least....even for the most diligent user. You can get a wet or dry look...smells pleasant...(a lot like coconut) It hasn't been taste tested for fear one's tongue may stick to the roof of my mouth for good. Murray's is really hard to get out of your hair. As far as hold it wont let you down. Guys dig it because it's not crispy like hair gel and it does not make you look like a total grease ball. It takes some practice to use it right....but well worth it.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Neutrogena Conditioner- Detangling Formula   ★★★★★

This is a great product recommended by, believe it or not, a blond Hawaiian beach bum who tells how he keeps his long hair looking great in the Hawaiian sun. He shampoos his hair with any shampoo he finds, then conditions it for about two minutes with Neutrogena Conditioner- Detangling Formula. He doesn't rinses it all out. He lets some of the conditioner remain in his hair, then towel dries it. His hair remained smooth and healthy looking, and really had an excellent taste. This product and the usage explained above is well recommended for any guy who has longish hair; it will keep your hair manageable.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Oribe Pomade  

Very thick and comes in different colors. i.e. Black, Red, Brown, Blues. Must be warmed up in hands and is very hard to apply. Makes hair thick and shiny. This product is like putting wax in your hair and is difficult to remove. Colors can come off on clothes, sheets etc.. Kind of fun to play with but not great.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Pantene   ★★★★★

Pantene has great shampoos and conditioners for any hair need. Remember the 1997 Pantene Shampoo commercial for men? If not, check out this video.
  Updated: 17-AUG-2023

Pinaud Styling Gel  

A thick green Gel that you just need a small amount of to style your hair. Says on the label: 'Specially Formulated For Men' It has a definite masculine smell and it washes out easily with just water. Made by A. L. Clubman, Los Angeles, CA 90040  Updated: 06-JUL-2022

Protein 29 Clear Gel  

Liquid hair tonic by Mennen. A very similar product to 'Score' and 'Groom & Clean,' but quite a bit cheaper (appx. $2.50 to $3.00 for a 3 ounce tube, which goes a long way). This is a transparent-looking, water-soluble green gel which manages the hair very nicely without a stiff, tacky or greasy (unless you use way too much) feel. Designed to be applied to damp hair, either after shampooing or before daily styling, Protein 29 clear gel is ideal for the Saturday Night Fever 'pushback' look, if you blow dry your hair, or for the neat, 'wet' look if you let it dry naturally. Primary ingredients: mineral oil and glycerin. It will not dry out your hair over the long haul like the alcohol-based Protein 29 or Vitalis liquid.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Protein 29 Hair Tonic  

Liquid hair tonic by Mennen, main ingredient: Alcohol. Smells, feels and works the same as Vitalis - only its a lot more expensive.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Royal Crown Hair Dressing  

Great for your flattop. Has an interesting smell and taste.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Rusk Mousse   

Rusk makes a great mousse. It comes out as a foam, which you then massage into your hair, comb or style your hair as you like. After it dries out, either leave it alone for a wet look or comb it out for a dry look which will leave your hair in place for the day. There isn't much of a smell nor taste. It is tacky or sticky to touch, but it leaves the hair in place for the day.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Rusk Radical Hair Cream   ★★★★

Is a leave in hair conditioner. Apply to just shampooed hair for the day after the beach look. It is best use with longer hair, surfer cuts are best. Since it will leave your hair looking and feeling as though you just got out of the ocean. It has a slight pleasant smell, a funny taste.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Scandinavian Formula Creme-Wax   ★★★★★

Is a great wax for using on short to medium length hair. Below is a video of Viktor, one of Tito's models using the product in his hair. As of 2011, it is only available in Europe. But thanks for the Internet, you can order it and have it shipped to the United States.

  Updated: 06-JUN-2021

Slikhaar   ★★★★★

Founded by the twin brothers Emil & Rasmus. About Slikhaar: Founded in 2009, is the ultimate online Mecca for men with a passion for hair. They take pride in having a uniquely handpicked selection of professional hair care products and in being home of the bestseller product line By Vilain.

With a life long passion for hair and a vision to revolutionize the global hair culture, identical twins Emil and Rasmus V. Albrechtsen created the Slikhaar Concept. It includes the world largest YouTube channel within its field, Slikhaar TV. Safe to say, Slikhaar is more than just a web shop, a salon and a YouTube channel - it's a community.

'We inspire people to become a better version of themselves' - Emil & Rasmus V. Albrechtsen Also, check out their YouTube channel   Updated: 04-JUN-2022

Soft Sheen Sportin' Waves  

This is a product originally designed for African-American use but makes the best flattop wax I have ever used. It makes your flattop stand up very strait and very stiff. It holds all day and won't rinse out without a fairly strong soap. You can even rinse your hair with water, re-spike it and it continues to keep every hair in place.   Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Sorbie Sculpte Jel  

A great gel for giving your hair a clean wet look which doesn't have a smell or taste. It can be applied to either wet or dry hair. For best control Rick applies it to his just shampooed dry hair. It gives that great look without looking like you gelled your hair up.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Stix-Fix Hair Design Product  

For today's short masculine hair-cuts. It is a stick wax for flattops and crew cuts, made by Lusan Inc., Madrid IA 50156.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo  

A great product that cuts through the grease, is good on the hair, cheap, and easy to find. It really cleans the hair without damaging it.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold   ★★★★★

Best pomade available. What is really nice is in addition to holding your hair in place, it is water soluble and washes quickly out of your hair; not messy like other pomades.  Updated: 04-JAN-2019

Top Brass  

Non-greasy control very similar to Brylcreem, but cheaper. Smells pleasant too.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016


Not too much to this product, although its very popular. It gives your hair a little shine but it won't do much in the way of hold if you have normal to coarse hair. With fine hair it works OK, but then so does water with fine hair.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Vitalis Liquid Hair Tonic   ★★★★★

Main ingredient: Alcohol Smell: Alcohol, but unique enough to identify it as a hair product. This product will put a small shine in your hair but doesn't really give normal hair much control. Use a little for shine and stray hairs, use a lot for a little more shine. Use the whole bottle and it will hold you hair down better because of the alcohol, stripping the hair and drying it out to some extent. It makes your scalp tingle and feel cool. If you use too much your eyes may water from the alcohol content. It washes out easily with a little shampoo and water, leaving your hair soft and your scalp feeling good.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016

Water Wax   ★★★★★

From Redken. The barbers shop essential Water wax is a water solution formulation that easily rinses away in warm water. So, gone are the days of that industrial, hard-to-get-rid-of wax. The uniqueness of Water wax is in its ability to provide the benefits of both a pomade and a traditional wax in a single product. It gives the moist control and glossy shine of a wax yet it cleans and washes away without leaving residue, it not only smells great it also meets all your styling needs. Try Water Wax in damp hair for sleeker, more controlled styles, it creates a glossy finish to both smooth and textured looks. It's light enough to be used every day.  Updated: 18-DEC-2016


Hair cream oil. This is an old time hair oil that gives the greasy hair look. Use a little to keep hair under control, use a lot for that greasy look.   Updated: 18-DEC-2016

World of Wigs   ★★★★

An excellent variety of realistic men's wigs and hairpieces. The store at 2305 E. 17th St. Santa Ana, CA 92705 is well worth the visit. Open: Mon - Sat, 9AM - 5PM.  Reviewed by:  Updated: 05-NOV-2000®
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