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Magazines -
A club for men who are into other men’s head hair


Last updated on Wednesday, 06-Jul-2022


Bound & Gagged   

A magazine which also includes some S&M head hair and body hair action.  Updated: 06-JUL-2022

Gil Thorp Cartoons  

The straight sports-content, regular, daily, three-panel, b/w cartoon strip called GIL THORP appears in Chicago Tribune's sports section. Probably it appears in other papers too. Obviously it's drawn by a talented artist with a good eye for various men's haircuts -- on athletes and coaches. check it out daily to see the haircuts: handsome, well-built men with good-looking haircuts and well-shaped heads, and not overdrawn. Remember, it's targeted to sports readers...

Incidentally, for those interested in more background about this straight sports strip, an article on its creator, and the artist who draws it, appeared in the Chicago Tribune in 1997 and is indexed. Here's the newspaper's contact info, for those who like to look things up: 435 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611, USA   Updated: 30-JUN-2021

Modern Salon  

Monthly publication, usually has a photo spread of at least one male haircut. Subscription costs $20 from Vance Publishing Corporation, 400 Knightsbridge Parkway, Lincolnshire, IL 60069-9912  Updated: 30-JUN-2021

Vanity Fair, September 1996   ★★★

Starting on page 257 features an Abercrombie & Fitch spread with Patrick Wayne trimming his son's hair.  Updated: 07-NOV-1998

Washingtonian, October 1996 edition  

Pages 106-111, 'In Search of Hair' by Bill Heavey. 'For men only: The latest on baldness remedies, transplants, hairstyles, coloring the gray, and more.' It contains two before and after pictures. One is a cute 32 year old with blondish light brown hair going from a shaggy medium length cut to a trim cut short on the sides and longer on top. The other is a cute 28 year old with dark brown hair who gets a razor cut, also longer on top but shorter on the sides. Includes an article 'What men want' -- 'We just cut it short' says a barber at the Senate Barber Shop. Discloses where Washington politicians and celebrities, including George Stephanopoulos, get their haircut. Evaluates hair replacement alternatives such as Hair Club for Men.  Updated: 28-OCT-1996®
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