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Barbershops -
A club for men who are into other men’s head hair


Last updated on Friday, 05-Jan-2024
Barbershops are sorted by location (state or country) and city, followed by the name of the barbershop. If you want to search for barbershops in California, enter CA in the title field. Likewise, you can enter the name of the shop or the city.

Due to the volume of barbershops, it may take a long time for this page to load.  In order to help members who do not have high speed connections, you must now enter search criteria to find videos. If you have questions on searching, click the yellow help button above.

However, if you wish to browse all barbershops without searching, type a single % in the title field. Be forewarned, depending on your Internet connection, browsing may take a few minutes for the page to load.


Due to COVID-19, most barbershops and salons have permanently closed. Check before visiting.

The barbershops or salons listed below have been suggested by other Men\'s Hair members as a place which will either give a great better than average haircut or whose owners or haircutters are members of Men's Hair.

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