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A club for men who are into other men’s head hair

Videos, Mainstream

Last updated on Tuesday, 28-Jun-2022


Deep End, The (1970)   ★★★★★

The Deep End (1971)
The Deep End (1971)
John Moulder-Brown (Mike), sporting a pre-EMO, longish over the ears, straight brown hair cut, is a straight bath house attendant attacked by an elderly woman (then British sex star Diana Dors) who grabs his head, pulls his medium length straight blond streaked brown hair, playing 'football' with his head.

Deep End (1971) is a must see for any hair fetisher, there are other scenes in the movie where a group of guys in the pool area get into a little hair pulling as a brief scene with Jane Asher (Susan), the girl he's trying to lay.

Please do not confuse Jerzy Skolimowski's 1970 version with the later versions and television show. The 1970 version has yet to be released on DVD and, therefore, very hard to get your hands on. So now's your opportunity go view one of the all time award winners for best mainstream hair activity movie.  Reviewed by:  Updated: 23-JUN-2022®
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