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    If you too are into men's head hair, whether you are gay or straight, MensHair.org is the place to be.

    MensHair.org has a members only area that contains:

    If you would be interesting in joining MensHair.org, please fill out the membership form by clicking here.

    New for MensHair.org

    Many browsers have started incorporating security measures to protect users from being directed to sites that could cause malice.  If for any reason you are unable to view videos, you may have to modify the browser security settings to allow access to the videos.

    SEARCH TERMS, a language matrix found towards the bottom of this page, where you can click on a word such as men's hair in another language and get that language/countries men's hair images, videos, and web sites. By default, the hot link uses the power of Google. Once in Google, you can click Images or YouTube to see images or videos of your favorite subject.

    MensHair.org has been optimized for the Android, iPad, iPhone, and many portable devices.

    If you use a laptop or PC or MAC, MensHair.org is best viewed in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. You can use Internet Explorer, however, some pages may take a long time to load. If that happens, switch to one of the aforementioned browsers.

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    Search Terms

    Listed below is a matrix of languages and their equivalent of popular men's hair words in other languages. By default, the hot link uses the power of Google and returns that language/countries men's hair images, videos, and web sites. Once in Google, you can click Images or YouTube to see images or videos of your favorite subject. You can also copy and paste the words from the matrix below into other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo!. More information on its usage is found following the matrix.

    Language men's hair haircut shampoo shave
    Afrikaans mans se hare haircut shampoo skeer
    Albanian flokët e burrave prerje flokësh larje koke
    Arabic شعر رجال حلاقة شامبو
    مستحضر صابون
    غسل الشعر بالصابون و الماء
    حلاقة كهربائية
    Bulgarian мъжки коса прическа миене на косата
    Catalan els cabells dels homes tall de cabell xampú afaitat
    Chinese 男子的头发 理发 洗髮水
    Croatian muške kose šišanje šampon brijanje
    Czech vlasy pánské stříhání vlasů šampon holení
    Danish mænds hår klipning shampoo barbering
    Dutch haren van mannen knippen shampoo
    hoofd kaal scheren
    Filipino lalaki ang buhok magpagupit siyampu
    pagsasabon ng buhok
    Finnish miesten hiusten hiustenleikkuu sampoo
    French les cheveux des hommes coupe de cheveux shampoing rasage
    German männerhaar haarschnitt
    haare ab
    Greek μαλλιά ανδρών κούρεμα σαμπουάν ξύρισμα
    Hebrew גברים שיער להתגלח שמפו
    Hungarian férfiak haja fodrász sampon
    Icelandic karla hár klippingu sjampó raka
    Indonesian rambut pria potong rambut sampo
    pencuci rambut
    Italian capelli degli uomini taglio di capelli shampoo la barba
    Japanese 男性の髪 散髪
    Korean 남자의 머리를 이발 샴푸
    머리 감기
    Norwegian menns hår hårklipp sjampo barbering
    Persian مو مردان کوتاه کردن مو شامپو
    ریش تراشی
    Polish włosów mężczyzn strzyżenie szampon golenie
    Portuguese cabelo dos homens corte de cabelo
    cortando o cabelo
    xampu barba
    raspando o cabelo
    Russian мужчины волос постричься
    mужская стрижка
    мытье головы
    Spanish el pelo de los hombres corte de pelo champú rasurada
    Swedish männens hår klippning
    schampo rakning
    Thai ผม ผู้ชาย ตัดผม แชมพูสระผม โกน หนวด
    Turkish erkek saç saç kesimi şampuan tıraş
    Vietnamese nam tóc mái tóc gội đầu cạo râu

    To use, find the term in the top row (assuming you are using English) and go down to the country you want to check out and copy and paste the term.

    If a country has two terms in its cell (box), then that means there are two different variants of the word, copy one or the other, not both. 

    Some search engines will offer a “Translate” function, so you may be able to read the web site in your native language.

    Assume you want to check out German sites that have haircuts; you go down the haircut column and locate German in the first column, then copy the word under haircut.  In German, there are two different words for haircut haarschnitt and haarschneiden, so copy one of those words and paste it into the search engine to find what you are looking for. 

    If you have other languages and translations for the terms listed above, please eMail me.  The only caveat is that it must be in text (such as Arial) and must be non-graphics. 

    I have been unable to locate non-graphic Hindi translations.  I know quite a few of you like Indian hair, so if you have a text equivalent that you are willing to share with others, I am sure guys will like it, please eMail me.

    ©  10-Apr-2016