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Last updated on Sunday, 17-Feb-2019
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This section contains reviews of videos that are considered mainstream and contain a brief hair scene of some sort or focus of a scene is on a guys head of hair. Therefore, the videos reviewed in this section are not held to the strict standard of the hair videos reviewed on This means in some cases, the brief scene contained in the video may NOT be worth the purchase price of the video, you will have to use your own judgment by carefully reading the review. Translated this means you may want to rent the video before buying it.

Below each review of a video, you may see three buttons or no buttons at all. Sometimes, you may click the Buy Me button and notice the video is not available for purchase, this is because the video is temporary unavailable and may be available in the future. If you are interested in the video, do not leave the partner site thinking, "Damn, I want the video but it's not available." You may see a button that says "Alert Me." This means if the video becomes available you will be notified. Click the button and follow the instructions.