A club for men who are into other men’s head hair
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You can use Added/Update Since search capabilities by entering a date and your search results will reflect the items that have been added or updated on or after the date you input. The date format is year, month, day in the following format yyyy-mm-dd.

If you want to use wild cards, the designated wild card for is a parenthesis (%).

By defualt, a wild card is utilized in the description field.

Usage of wild cards would be something like this.

Each video contains the cast (actors) in the description field. So if you want to search for a specific actor, just start typing their name in the description field and if he exists, his name will start to auto-fill as you type. For example, if you start to type Joey St, it will find Joey Stephano.® eMail:
(remember to use HAIR in the subject line)
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